Stay F.R.E.S.H. Inc.

Challenges. Every man, woman and child on this earth is faced with their own unique problem in need of a solution. Some of these issues have the power to hold us down. Some may even seem insurmountable.

It's time to try a fresh start -- stand back, get a different perspective and realize that there are ways to release yourself from these strongholds.

Whether you work with a school, company or non-profit organization, here is your opportunity to learn about that different perspective. Ryne Edwards dedicates his time to teaching new ideas with his years of experience in professional public speaking, business management, mental health training and hands-on interaction with youth and corporate leaders looking for a new way to approach the challenge we all share: life.




Resolving conflict with supervisors, co-workers and customers without jeopardizing the overall vision of the corporate objectives or project’s mission.




Addressing the issue of peer-to-peer conflict among students, employees and administrators within structured settings where an imbalance of power keeps friendships and productivity at a disadvantage.




Talking about mental illness in a safe and informed environment while learning about symptoms and pointing people in a healthy direction.




Noticing the early warning signs of suicide and proactively taking steps to get the person the help they need.




Helping people identify their inner strengths. Learning how to bounce back with confidence and overcome hardship and unexpected crises within family, career and other life situations.




Changing the way employees view corporate objectives and creating new perspectives on meeting challenges head-on while building the foundations for fresh goals.